Apartment Hunting

Apartment hunting is not a fun task.

I have spent the last 1.5 years living the big life in a hotel, with the majority of the expense covered by a per Diem while I worked a contract job. That was the life I planned for the foreseeable future, until I messed up and actually liked the boss and team I worked with and decided to pursue the job full time and start a second career.

One month in, I am 110% certain I made the right decision and look forward to the hard work ahead of me. The opportunity to apply the knowledge I have gained over the years and being compensated at the appropriate level for that work while I learn even more is awesome. The ability to save and invest for retirement is awesome. The cost of living in a hotel is not awesome.

There are so many different apartment types within a 10 mile radius and while most I have looked at are close to what I would like for the next few years, I haven’t found that one yet. I do not want to settle but at the same time I do not want to be paying such a high rate of rent. There is a home purchase in my near future and for that I need savings.

Tomorrow I take a tour of what looks like a promising place to settle for the short term. I have said that numerous times already, and perhaps this time it will ring true. While I certainly don’t live a totally spartan lifestyle, I am also not looking for the Taj Mahal. A simple one bedroom with a lot of space, or a two bedroom to adequately separate my living and my writing are the main criteria. The other would be a top floor, ideally in a two story complex.

I am hopeful that I will find what I want and optimistic that I will find something close enough to what I want that will suffice as a new temporary home. The hotel lifestyle has been a unique experience and would not trade this experience even if the chance arose that I could go back and do it differently. There is something settling and comfortable living in a dynamic environment when you have relocated 800 miles from home.

But that was the short-term vision and I have to think long. It is a good mindset to have as you sit down to plan and write a novel. It doesn’t happen overnight and certainly won’t come to fruition without that long term focus and commitment.

Perhaps the search for an apartment is just what I needed to fuel the fire of writing.


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