Android vs iPhone

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to be the very first blog to ever tackle the hard hitting issues behind the Android vs. i Phone debate. What’s that? There are already hundreds of thousands of blogs doing this? Oh. Well, what the heck.

I recently took the $99 challenge of dropping my HTC One and going with an i Phone 5S for two weeks. And while I am still recovering a bit from the experiment, thanks to some major iOS 7 bugs and iMessenger, I am glad it was something I was able to do.

At the end of the day, there are really only two major things that seem to be important between the two warring factions. Camera and Screen Size.

Sure, i Phone users love to brag on the ergonomic features of the tiny i Phone that fits perfectly into your hand (it does) or snugly in your shirt pocket (never worried about it falling out) but i Phone users are invariably “taking a look” at a friends HTC M8 or Samsung Galaxy 5 and seeing for the first time just how important a big screen really is. Which leads us to the camera.

I phone’s used to have a monopoly on camera quality. From pixels, to lens, to industrial gorilla glass protection that shot pictures of amazing color. Tied into the retina display, it was pretty awesome. But then something strange happened. Android, led by Samsung (no doubt thanks to some dubious tactics at best) caught up.

Nowadays, discussion of camera quality is down so far into the technical levels that the average consumer can see the clarity and quality of the new zit on little Susie’s nose, immortalized forever. They could care less about, as one of my old bosses would say, “Giggawhammys”. They look almost the same.

Bottom line is personal preference, and a nod to the Android manufacturers for sticking with screen size and fine tuning performance. It isn’t there yet, but getting better all the time.

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