Xenobiotic (noun)

:  a chemical compound (as a drug, pesticide, or carcinogen) that is foreign to a living organism.

Well, the human race has certainly done a good job of using science to introduce a wealth of xenobiotics to pretty much ever other species on Earth. Scientists discover new chemical compounds all the time to help with fertilization, crops, insecticides etc. and a by product of that is introducing them to other living organisms in the process.

Not judging this either way as there are benefits and risks in almost every case. It just bugs me that I know people that won’t even acknowledge that mankind is doing bad things to the Earth. We are, and that’s part of the natural cycle of things. Denying it makes you look like a fool!

But I digress. I was kind of glad I stumbled across xenobiotic when pondering X words for the A to Z Challenge. The whole science aspect of this fits into science fiction writing so naturally. As authors, we are creating whole new worlds. Part of that process includes developing new civilizations and introducing them to new and exciting worlds. Places where the habits, lifestyles and mannerisms are foreign to others.

And if developed right, xenobiotic relationships are also prime for creating and resolving conflict. How many wars started over misunderstandings of culture or heritage? By bringing disease or on the flip side a cure? Giving your characters something new to deal with is a great way to bring excitement to your novel.

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2 Responses to Xenobiotic

  1. I’m always amazed how sci-fi and spec-fi writers can use existing technology and develop into fantasy. It’s cool to see older sci-fi and how it “predicted” some stuff we have today,just going on the natural progression of tech and also human behavior. I stick to writing contemporary stories, but the sci-fi stuff is so interesting!

    Glad I found your blog from the A to Z Challenge! Here’s mine on Memorable Characters

    • kondorkyinia says:

      There has been some wild stuff! I always chuckle when I remember that 2014 is the year of the hoverboard in Back to the Future.

      And I am with you on the hopes that JJ Abrams comes through in Episode VII. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Look forward to reading your blog as well!

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