Veracity (noun)

: truth or accuracy
: the quality of being truthful or honest

I always thought veracity meant fighting hard, like “he swung his sword with such veracity. But after looking up the definition, it is hard to argue a more important trait for a scientist or a science fiction author than truth and accuracy. And veracity is a great word for capturing this important and unique trait.

Any scientist worth their salt (cliche alert) understands there has to be accuracy every step of the way and that they are always asking for the truth along the way. Honest, accurate scientific method will assure that the results stand up over time. No scientist wants to be remembered for taking short cuts and risking failure.

The same philosophy applies to writers of science fiction. In order to assure they maintain the bond of truth with the reader, the worlds they build need to developed as accurately as possible. Making sure the physical worlds, the mental power of the characters and the validity of the plot are accurate across time. Doing this will help keep the reader engaged, spark their imagination, and build upon your storytelling.

What types of characters do you find are easiest to develop with the trait of veracity?

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