Sanctity (noun)

: the quality or state of being holy, very important, or valuable

This morning I awoke and in my sleepy haze thoughts about the sanctity of science and writing popped into my head. As the haze cleared itself the idea of the importance of the scientific method is to helping assure we keep the sanctity of science intact. Imagine if everyone just went bonkers and started declaring all sorts of crazy things as being “law” in the scientific world. Scary, no?

The reason science can be trusted is because the true scientists are just as interested in maintaining the sanctity of the scientific process as they are in proving their theorems. And with that early morning nugget rolling around in my skull, I realized the sanctity of the writing process is equally important. Equally important you say? You must be half asleep you dolt.

Think about it for a moment. There are literally millions and millions of writers in the world today, writing about everything from widgets, to history, to science fiction. That is a LOT of creative power at work and an awesome task to even try and comprehend the endless possibilities. But if everyone just wrote things however they like, without basic form and structure, the world of literature would be a mess!

I am the last person to be accused of being a conformist for sure. But the basics of writing: character development, plot, structure and flow; they make it work for everyone and assure that the other billions of people out there get enjoyment, learning and meaning from the words.

I need better dreams.

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