Revision (noun)

: a change or a set of changes that corrects or improves something

Whoa Whoa Whoa! Hang on a second! Wow! Look at the number of followers drop after seeing the word that shall not be typed! Isn’t revision the biggest nightmare for every writer?!?

Admittedly, I am still working on my first novel and don’t even see the revision stage of this process in sight. But that doesn’t mean we don’t hear from other cohorts and their perils of despair when they get their “perfect” manuscript back for revision. Call me naive, but I kind of look forward to seeing how someone else shapes my story to reach a bigger audience. There has to be some give and take there and if there is, it could be pretty cool stuff!

So while that covers the science fiction portion of our theme, at least as far as the craft of writing goes, we can see the role that revision plays in our every day science. Remember the world was flat and the center of the universe not so long ago. More data, more studies, more facts roll in and science is revised to more accurately reflect our most current knowledge.

I do hope I am right about enjoying the revision process. Anyone else out there had a positive experience they want to share?

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