Hyperspace (n)

: space of more than three dimensions

: a fictional space in which extraordinary events happen

I was so glad to see webster.com had this word when it popped into my head. For me, hyperspace is one of the fundamental concepts of science fiction story telling. Human beings are limited in their ability to think beyond three dimensions and live their lives that way.

The concept of a space of more than three dimensions, a space where extraordinary events happen, is a great backdrop for a story. The only limitation is the imagination of the story teller and if you have that type of imagination, science fiction tales are ripe for the picking.

And like the imagination that is developing the science fiction story, the events that make up that tale should be extraordinary. This is the chance to take things to levels not seen and introduce all sorts of peoples and worlds to grab your reader and not let go.

Make their travels through your hyperspace breathtaking and worth the time you are asking them to invest.

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