Lithium (n): a soft silver-white element of the alkali metal group that is the lightest metal known and that is used especially in alloys and glass, in chemical synthesis, and in storage batteries.

It only took four days to start using definitions of other scientific words to describe an established science fiction concept as word of the day. 🙂 One of the chemical elements used to generate and store energy is Lithium. Battery storage and longevity has increased significantly due to research and experimentation with lithium as the core source of a power supply.

It should be noted that science fiction has already utilized this small scale scientific fact and blown it out full board. Building on these limited concepts of battery power and storage, we can look to the science fiction engineers of Star Trek (noticing a trend?) and their development of Dilithium crystals. These “fictional” power cells provide enough sustainable power to fly the starship Enterprise, and other star ships, across galaxies. These fictional crystals are long lasting, self-contained and easy to manage.

It is a good example of how writers and engineers with an abundance of creativity can develop fictional solutions that actually play out in real life science. Today, you find lithium batteries in cell phones, computers, tablets and even automobiles. Kind of cool how this played out in the science fiction world of Star Trek, just as mankind was starting on the development of better power sources.

Maybe Scotty came back from the future and left us the blueprint for “making it so”? He certainly would have done this in the continually developing fantasy world of science fiction, the result of authors developing and expanding their craft.

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