noun – the branch of applied chemistry dealing with fermentation, as in winemaking, brewing, the preparation of yeast, etc.
“A drink precedes a story.” – Irish Proverb
My thanks to those before us who took the time to learn the art of Zymurgy so that I can raise a pint or two in thanks to some folks who have been instrumental for me on this blogging journey.
First, to everyone responsible for setting up and maintaining the A to Z challenge.  Without your work I would not have had the motivation and forum in which to express my thoughts in writing for a solid month.  It was definitely a learning experience and one I am thankful for.  I caution anyone who is planning to do it in the future that it is no picnic but you will much better about just writing when you are done with the month.
Second, thanks to Google for deleting my Blog with about 4 days remaining.  It reminded me of two very important things:  always, ALWAYS back up your work; and a reminder that Google no longer cares about people or personal privacy.  They have become the evil that they criticized at their start and frankly, it was expected once they went public but I always hoped against hope it would not.  They are no longer the good guys and alas, there are no new good guys on the horizon.
Lastly, and most importantly, a huge thanks to my dear friend Corinne O’Flynn who made me aware of the A to Z Challenge, encouraged me along the way, and has been invaluable in motivating me to one day actually write the damn novel that is in my head.  She is a fantastic wife to her husband, an awesome mother to her kids and just one of the really good people in the world today. 
Below are links to her Blog and to her charity which I hope you will find in your hearts to support in any way you can.
Corinne O’Flynn, Writer
Rowan Tree Foundation


Have a great life everyone and keep on reading!!

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4 Responses to Zymurgy

  1. Why would google erase your blog?!

    Congrats on completing a-z nonetheless! 🙂

  2. KYRambler says:

    @Corinne – too funny that I chose the same word as you last year. I was actually looking for a word that began with Z that meant the end, and stumbled across Zymurgy and decided it was a fitting tribute to the end. 🙂

    @F K – Thanks for your comments and support. Google restored everything, and while they never acknowledged it was an accident, all is good for now. I will write more, just need to read for a bit right now. 🙂

  3. F K says:

    You got deleted?! That is terrible. I hope you continue to write because I enjoyed your posts during the month.

  4. Wow, my friend. I am humbled by your good words and so grateful to call you friend. Thank you!! I'm sorry your blog was deleted but I am glad you're back.

    I LOVE your Z word. That was my choice for Z in 2012.

    As a representative of the Irish contingent in the USA, it is a mighty word!

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