So.  Google decides that my Blog is in violation of their terms of service and deletes it without notice, even though their policy is to delete a Blog and then notify the Blog owner it is deleted.

I started the restore process right away and after 24 hours or so of trading short, un-informative posts with support, it turns out that I have to appeal the decision and there is one shot.  They ask me to make sure that I haven’t violated their terms which include:  multiple accounts, linking to copyrighted material or objectionable material.

Now, I have multiple Google accounts *shocker, must be the only one* but only one that has a Blog.  I link to Google’s YouTube service so if that is copyright violation it is Google’s fault for not taking care of it, and you read my Blog and you will see nothing objectionable.

So I request the one-time, winner take all appeal, and without notice, login two days later and my Blog is restored.  No explanation as to why it was shut down, and no further communication from Google.

Be careful folks.  Google is out of control.  I will say that the support forum and in particular Nitecruzr, did an excellent job controlling and resolving the situation.
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