I knew it was going to happen eventually.  Sure, I was taking it slow and easy getting back into the exercise routine.  Just 30 minutes a night 5 nights a week and taking it easy on weekends.  Alternating between a good fast walk on the treadmill and 3-4 miles on the bike at a low resistance.

And then, tonight, I decided to break in the elliptical, or as I refer to it, the machine from hell.  Only 5 minutes just getting used to the motion of the machine forwards and backwards as I prepared to put the machine into my routine.

Now, just 4 hours later there is a fire in my groin that is not a pleasant fire.  I will nurse it and I will take a night off tomorrow to let it start healing and will limit myself to the bike only until it is back in shape but I will not be discouraged.

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