Being from Kentucky, with the exception of the University of Kentucky Wildcats, we don’t really have an professional basketball team to follow.  But after seeing Kobe Bryant go down with his achilles tendon injury, after almost single-handedly driving the Lakers to make the playoffs, I found myself actually cheering for an NBA team during the regular season.

Something about a veteran player stepping up to lift his/her team to a higher level is pretty cool.  In a way, I suppose it is the reason why most people watch sports.  They want to see an underdog win unexpectedly or see a classic match up unfold before their eyes.

And while I like and respect Mark Cuban, I felt his taunting the Lakers mid-season by trying to get in their heads about making the playoffs as a way of motivating his own team, well, backfired.  Mark has issues with his team being in a rebuilding stage, and showed why sometimes it is better to just focus on fixing what you have instead of fabricating inspiration.

You may just find that you have inspired someone else instead.
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