Kentucky Keeneland My Old Kentucky Home

Surprise, surprise.  The guy who is living 600 miles from his old Kentucky home is writing about Kentucky on ‘K’ day of the A to Z Challenge.  🙂

Keeneland has been running for a week and I would have already driven down Old Frankfort Pike at least 3 times to watch Spring unfold before my eyes. Last Sunday, reports were it was near 80, sunny and the Dogwood’s were almost in full bloom while the young horses ran the green farms of Central Kentucky while some of the greatest Thoroughbreds were rounding the track at Keeneland. Saturday morning breakfast at the Track Kitchen, workouts in the misty morning sunrise, and a fresh, steaming bowl of Kentucky Burgoo.  The scents of all these have been engrained in my head over decades to help me enjoy them all even when so far away.

So I am already wondering how I am going to react on the first Saturday in May when the top Thoroughbred 3 year olds take the track at Churchill Downs for the greatest two minutes in sports, the Kentucky Derby.  I have discussed with people here about heading to the local race track here, Prairie Meadows, to watch and wager on the race and have a little Derby party, or maybe just head to BW 3’s, but regrardless of where I end up watching the race it will be the first time in my life that I am not living in Kentucky to watch it.

And I wonder how hearing “My Old Kentucky Home” playing before the race will affect me.  I get a tear in my eye every year when it plays before the race but haven’t really cried during the song since hearing our former Governor A. B. Happy Chandler singing it live at a Senior night for Kentucky basketball.  Governor Chandler has since passed away but a recording of him singing the song was released and it really drives home the love and emotion that a citizen of the Commonwealth feels.

I suspect there will be plenty of beer nearby when the call to the post sounds on May 4th.  And a napkin or two to dry the eyes…

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