Ale-8-One is Awesome!

Summertime in Kentucky is often spent sitting outside on the porch or deck and sipping on a good bourbon or cold brew.  But little known outside the borders of the Commonwealth is another sipping beverage, a tasty soft drink that goes by the name of Ale-8-One or as the locals call it, Ale 8.

Imagine the flavor of a good ginger ale but without the excessive bubbles, and the citrus “kick” of a Mountain Dew but without the thick, heavy syrup, and you would be close.  Mixed and bottled in Winchester, Kentucky (Funchester) an Ale 8 is just what the doctor ordered for those morning/early afternoon hangovers, those long days on the boat fishing or to get you going on a foggy, dew filled morning as you head to your favorite deer stand.

Traditionalists will swear that the best way to drink “A Late One” is from a returnable, green glass bottle.  For the most part, those bottles have gone the wayside and been replaced with non-returnable glass, plastic or in cans.  If you find one of latter then I recommend you pour it into a glass and let it breathe a bit.  Heck, some folks even save the returnable bottles and pour the Ale 8 in there to maximize the flavor.

A lot of folks, myself included, discover Ale 8 in college as the perfect beverage to keep you going through the day and night.  Those 8am math classes are a little less tedious, those late night Risk games are a bit more lively and when you go for that marathon Friday to Monday D&D game, combine the Ale 8’s with some Reeses’ peanut butter cups and you are good to go.

Planning on a long road trip and passing through Central Kentucky?  Grab a 6-pack or four and you are good to go.  Not passing through Kentucky?  Just head over to the Ale 8 web site and order your non-returnable bottles of liquid heaven.

So “Pour on some fun and grab and Ale-8-1”.  You won’t regret it.

Ale-8-One Web Site

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3 Responses to Ale-8-One is Awesome!

  1. Haha, I haven't kept up with the Wooly Worm, but I think you'd be right!

  2. Thanks Ashley! And I don't know what the Wooly Worm predicted this year but I am guessing if it was for a short winter folks might be a bit disappointed. 🙂

  3. LOVE this post!! I grew up in Beattyville, and every time we make a trip back home I stock up on the returnable bottles. We can't get the returnables in Louisville, and I'll agree it just doesn't taste the same in a can or bottle. Thanks for posting this for the A to Z Challenge, I'll be keeping up with your posts! 😀

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