And So It Begins

Changes in our lives often present us with new opportunities to re-visit our dreams.  As such, a change in my career path finds me at a point in time where I can once again work on my writing so that one day I can publish that multi-million dollar novel and retire fat and happy on an island recommended to me by Johnny Depp.

Hmm…Though I am fat and happy, I don’t really like sitting out in the sun and would probably just get boarded by pirates going back and forth from some mainland to an island, so I will just settle for exercising my thoughts into words on this here blogger thing-a-ma-bob and then see where it takes me.

I don’t envision any guidelines that need to be put into place for this blog and I will state three guiding principles for this blog that I plan to follow from the onset:
  1. My writing will appeal to a group of people and will not appeal to others.  It will probably contain words that are not spelled correctly from time to time and I will fix them as I notice them and as they are pointed out.
  2. Since I know that my writing won’t appeal to everyone, I encourage people to make civil and meaningful comments on a post to spur discussion from other readers.  I simply ask that they comments be kept clean, civil and mostly on topic.
  3. This blog will contain ads and 100% of the revenue for these ads will go to charity organizations, as determined by me.  If you like the organizations and want them to benefit from ad revenue, please help.  If you don’t like the organizations or the ads, don’t help.  That is YOUR decision and I can live with whatever you decide.
The following are the organizations that will be supported by ads on this blog at this time:
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One Response to And So It Begins

  1. Hey there!!! How nice to see you in blogland. Welcome! And thank you so much for choosing Rowan Tree Foundation as a cause to love.

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